Welcome to the new blog!

SMALL SPACE, BIG STYLE was born when I discovered a need to write a blog based solely on my interests. As a graduate of the New York School of Interior Design, I have enjoyed a career in decorating, professional organizing, and home staging. Those of you who have read my books remember how I ended up as a wedding planner, and with my ordination came being licensed to perform weddings in Ontario. So, it was time to put move the decorating and organizing to a hobby, but one that I intend to continue enjoying for years to come.

I began my successful blog, Living the Proverbs 31 Lifestyle, as a way to share with other Christian women not only our walk with Jesus, but also recipes, wellness tips, and decorating ideas.  It became popular with women of other faiths, too.

But I as I near my final ordination in October 2019, I am adapting my homilies into blog posts. This made me realize that the rest of the posts would be better in a separate lifestyle blog.

SMALL SPACE, BIG STYLE comes from my love of small space living. I share a 1100 square foot condo with my husband, Dave. But others might live in small houses, or vacation in small cottages.

The condo lifestyle is unique, as we will discuss in posts. And it is similar to other small living spaces as we will realize in future posts, such as cooking for company in a tiny kitchen, or decorating to make a small room seem larger.


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