The Challenges of Condo Closets

Dave and I have a typical condo building locker, but it is difficult to access and we only use it for things we need rarely — if ever — but we have to keep, such as extra tiles from the kitchen and bathroom floors. For everything else, we use the front hallway closets. We are very lucky that we have a very long entrance.

Just before we were married, Dave doubled the size of the hall closet by adding another right beside it of the same size. Suddenly we had 16 feet of floor to ceiling storage space, outfitted with shelving, except where we hang our coats. If I didn’t already think he was the most wonderful man in the world, this would have won me over!

The closets store things like

  • coats, boots, shoes
  • Christmas decorations
  • motorcycle riding gear
  • luggage
  • books
  • church items
  • business items
  • gift wrap
  • our safe
  • tools
  • and the dreaded miscellaneous category

Everything is hidden behind four mirrored doors that have the added advantage of doubling the visual width of the hallway.  Starting closest to the front door…

DOOR #1:

On the self above the coats we have a two-tier shoe rack, and I put my purse on the shelf beside it. The shelf above that one holds light boxes and riding helmets. On the floor below that coats is a wicker basket where we keep hats and gloves.


DOOR #2:

A small 7-drawer dresser holds the tools a condo or small-space dweller needs, such as screwdrivers, hammer, level, and wrenches. One drawer is used for vacuum attachments. On the shelf above is  tea chest with divided compartments to hold screws, nails, picture hangers, etc. Our shopping bags hang beside it. The next shelf up holds our suitcases, nested into each other, and a light box on the top shelf.

DOOR #3:

The floor and lower shelf hold boxes of such things as our high-school yearbooks and gift wrap, while the next shelf holds copies of my books waiting to be shipped to their purchasers. The two top shelves are for Christmas decorations.


The floor and bottom shelf hold my business cards and brochures, while the next shelf has items I need for my church work. The top two shelves are more Christmas decorations. Behind this door,  the shelves don’t extend all the way to the wall, leaving room for our Christmas tree, which fits into a large planter. The entire thing sits on the top of the safe.

And there you have it — in-suite storage in our front hallway. Everything is accessible and not crowded, simply because Dave and I are not pack rats.